Baseball Family

The 9 Core Qualities for Developing Healthy Relationships

In the baseball world, we don’t get to choose the friends we spend time with during the season; they come with the team. Still, community must be built, and relationships must be fostered. Navigating the different connections is challenging.

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Baseball Family explores the four distinct relationships we encounter daily and the 9 core qualities that strengthen each type of relationship. We can cultivate loving relationships with people we may or may not choose.

The Four Relationships we encounter are:

Accidental Acquaintance




Each distinct relationship requires learning the virtues to develop healthy relationships.

The 9 Core Qualities

Baseball Family can help begin and establish new relationships, all over the world.




















“This book is bible saturated, hope-driven, heartfelt, and emotionally challenging. Billie is masterfully using her experience in baseball to guide us through the depths of what God means by loving our neighbor but taking us first through the valley of her sorrows and failures. Baseball Family celebrates God’s redemptive work amid diverse cultures, realities, backgrounds, and Billie’s own failures. I believe this is a masterpiece of bible detailed applications with the uniqueness of baseball through the lens of a champion for people like Billie.”

Jonathan Almonte
Manager of Supporter Engagement, Compassion International Dominican Republic

“Baseball Family is a heartfelt guide on how to genuinely love people. The book is filled with real-life experiences that will make you laugh and cry, all while you learn how to foster rock-solid, God-honoring relationships. Whether or not you enjoy baseball, you will benefit from easy-to-follow principles that can transform how you relate to others.”

Tony Beltran,
National Director of Compassion International Dominican Republic, PhD in Leadership, MA in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

“Baseball Family isn’t just about baseball; it’s about life’s ever-changing landscapes and the opportunities that come with it. Whether you are a baseball enthusiast or someone who has experienced relocating to new places, making friends, and navigating different stages of life, Billie guides you through those changes. This is a must-read for anyone in need of a reset!”

Dr. Jen Bennett
Entrepreneurship Professor, Host of She | Impacts Culture Podcast

Baseball Family is brimming with practical advice and biblically-based information, crucial for understanding and enhancing your relationships. No matter whether you’re a recent college graduate or an empty nester—this book is timely and important for living life to its fullest and building community the right way. Truly, it’s a must-read!”

Michelle Medlock Adams,
award-winning author of more than 100 books, including “Love Connects Us All” and “Our God is Bigger Than That!”

“If you long to build deeper, more meaningful relationships, read this book. Billie Jauss reveals a wealth of wise, practical, and biblical information on how to connect with people at far more than a surface level. If you master the nine core qualities she describes, you will be on your way to enjoying life more and living for things that matter.”

Carol Kent
Executive Director of Speak Up Ministries
Speaker and Author, Speak Up with Confidence (NavPress)

“Whether you are a sports mom, an empty nester, a single career woman, or a widow, this book is for you. Baseball Family is for all of us who ache for genuine relationships. My dear friend, Billie Jauss, teaches us how to wring eternal purpose out of our daily calling and how to develop friendships that will go the distance.”

Carol McLeod
Best-Selling Author, Podcaster, and Bible Teacher

“I love this book! Baseball Family: The 9 Core Qualities of Loving Relationships is a grand slam! Whether you need to connect with your community, friends, or family, this book needs to be the cleanup hitter in your daily lineup of personal readings.”

Del Duduit
Best-selling author of Dugout Devotions, sportswriter, and broadcaster

Baseball Family is a well-written guide, making it easy to understand and follow! The real-life examples the author included allowed me to connect with her through every chapter. This book will benefit every person who reads it from college students to seasoned adults!  You will feel empowered to implement the strategies given from start to finish!”

Caris Snider
Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster, & Certified Life Coach

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About Billie

Billie Jauss is an international speaker, author, and podcast host with over 35 years of experience navigating life as the wife of an MLB coach. Billie is on a mission to help women conquer distractions, find peace in life’s chaos, and connect with people so they can share God with those He has placed in front of them wherever they are.