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Distraction Detox

Distractions can steal your joy. They can definitely steal your purpose. 

Billie Jauss tried to overcome a season of feeling unsettled and uncertain by simplifying her schedule and taking control of life’s chaos. It didn’t solve all her issues.

She realized it wasn’t the external distractions but the emotional barriers producing feelings of discouragement and defeat.


About The Book

Through detoxing from the emotional toxins, realigning priorities, and creating a spiritual health plan, we can claim confidence and find fulfillment not in adding one more thing but in realizing God’s best things.

Distraction Detox will help women:

  • Determine their internal distractions.
  • Evaluate their emotional barriers.
  • Terminate the toxins to hear, trust, and go.
  • Outline a plan to identify God’s best things.
  • eXecute the plan.

The rewards of Distraction Detox are discovering God’s best for our individual lives and releasing confidence, peace, and fulfillment within us.

What is God doing in and through you?

Do you feel like you’re spiritually crashing? God hasn’t given up on working in and through you.

Every believer experiences dry seasons—times when you’re doing all the right things but feel painfully disconnected from God. Bible study? Check. Volunteer in ministry? Check. Daily quiet time? Check. But nothing seems to be working. Discouragement overwhelms you, and complacency sets in.

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Making Room for More Book Cover
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About The Book

When author Billie Jauss experienced a jarring realization that her busy life was standing in the way of her connection with God, she began a quest to re-engage. In Making Room, she explores practical, effective ways to troubleshoot spiritual stagnation, including:

  • Heart evaluation—Am I experiencing distractions or spiritual attack?
  • Discovering God’s will—What does He want me to do with my unique gifts and talents?
  • Impacting people—How do I live intentionally and share the gospel in my sphere of influence?

No matter how far away you may feel, God has not given up on His plan for you. Begin letting Him restore you, starting now.

Praise for Making Room




Billie lives life with such full-throttle passion, yet she has learned how to listen to the ‘holy nudge’ that directs one to God’s blueprints. As a recovering control freak, I smiled as I read the process of Billie learning the liberating truth of doing less so God can do more. Billie inspires the reader to release the firm grip on one’s blueprints and with open palms accept the ‘Papa Approved’ script for one’s life! I applaud your transparency, Billie!

Jackie Kendall, president of
Power to Grow Inc., author of Surrender Your Jr. God Badge


Not often can you read a book so honest and feel so at home. Readers will sense the courage it took for Billie Jauss to push past a surface life to one of depth and want to go right there with her. Through her authentic sharing, she offers insight and an invitation for us to recognize how we too can make room for a life led beautifully, intentionally, and uniquely set apart for God. An inspiring read!

Jan Kern, author, speaker, life coach,
and founder of Voice of Courage


I wouldn’t have guessed that I had much in common with the wife of a Major League Baseball coach, but Billie Jauss showed me differently in Making Room. As soon as I read her counsel to choose ‘activities that are God-glorifying not schedule stuffers,’ I knew she was speaking my language. In practical and genuine ways, Making Room offers us the tools we need to leave space for God to work in our lives and through our lives. A book to which I’ll no doubt need to return often.

Cynthia Ruchti, author of
A Fragile Hope and As My Parents Age

About the author

Billie headshot on gray background

Billie Jauss inspires women, who struggle with feeling unimportant even in their busy world, to value the significance of small beginnings. She encourages them to start with the small, so they can experience immeasurably more with God. She offers hope with practical and useful biblical guidance to live life with meaning, one step, one decision, one action at a time.

She’s the author of Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More. Billie loves to speak to women at gatherings, large and small. She is also a speaker with Compassion International, presenting Child Sponsorship. Billie has been married for over 30 years to Dave, a professional baseball coach. Their three adult sons are also employed in baseball. Writing, speaking, and baseball fills Billie’s love for travel and adventure. Billie and Dave live in Florida in their off-season.

Billie Jauss

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