Billie with a group at compassion Dominican Republic

Compassion International

Billie has partnered with Compassion helping support their Child Survival Programs in the Dominican Republic. Learn more.

Billie felt a call to serve the underprivileged while she was young. She questioned what she could do with so little time, energy, or resources?

Billie and her husband, Dave, have lived in the 15 different cities and towns in the US, Venezuela and the Dominican Republic while Dave works in baseball. In each of those places, they began to serve in small ways. Many times they felt overwhelmed by the immense issue of poverty they saw in their temporary homes.

The poverty experienced in Venezuela and the Dominican was extreme. While in the Dominican Republic, they saw boys chase the hope of professional baseball as a way out, while girls had no such opportunity and little support for education. Their hearts were broken to see the challenging circumstances, but they knew they were not called to pack up and move full-time. They felt ill-equipped to make a difference.

Billie and Dave began an extensive search to partner with an organization to help in a small way. They chose Compassion International. They partner with Compassion sponsoring a girl in the Dominican Republic. Her name is Rosa. Billie traveled to the Dominican to meet Rosa. It was a fantastic experience.

Billie also presents Compassion International and their Child Sponsorship opportunities to help rescue children from poverty at her speaking events.

She and Dave have partnered with Compassion helping support their Child Survival Programs in the Dominican Republic. Billie has traveled there to see the programs that help women and babies.

She was amazed to learn the staggering statistics regarding babies and women who live in poverty.


in poverty don’t survive
the first 28 days of life each year


die due to pregnancy and
childbirth issues each day

Through partnerships with local churches in poverty-stricken communities, Compassion Survival provides Christ-centered care to mothers of newborn babies and moms-to-be. Trained health specialists provide expectant women with prenatal care, education, nutrition, medical checkups, and birth assistance. Through regular home visits, these specialists provide mothers of infants with medical checkups, ongoing training in infant care, growth monitoring, supplies, and the emotional and spiritual support they need to help their babies reach key milestones critical to early childhood development.

Mom and Baby at church in the Dominican Republic
Billie and a compassion doctor in the Dominican Republic

Billie is passionate about sharing this opportunity with others to raise more support for this vital initiative. Find out below how you can become involved at your level of giving to give mothers and babies a healthier start to life.

Billie partners with Compassion’s Pro Athlete Partnership Team to support recruiting, fundraising, campaigning, and overseas vision exposure efforts. The Pro Athlete Partnership impacted the lives of over 65,000 children in 2020.

With connections in baseball, the Jauss family also helped procure a shipment of baseball equipment for Compassion’s Little League 22 baseball teams in the Dominican Republic.

When living in Santo Domingo, Billie and David worked closely with the Dominican Compassion country team.

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