I pray you all had a beautiful Christmas Day celebrating the birth of our Savior. Christmas is a time to connect with the hope of what His birth means. Grace and truth.

When I realized the grace and truth of God, my life actions had to change because of the deepening connection I was experiencing with Christ. It was like a bubbling fountain alive inside of my spirit, ready to flow. I had new intentions and motivation to live to glorify God purposefully.

The transformation wasn’t complete in my soul, but the pull of God to keep moving was strong. While we focus on what God is doing in us, we are focused on ourselves. Moving into intentional living is a natural progression to outwardly glorifying Him.

The deepening connection with Jesus throughout the journey of life fills my spirit with the need to serve God. I wonder when God will move in my life. When will He tell me my purpose? What am I meant to do? We have to be careful that these moments of pausing don’t turn us into potato chip Christians who lie back on the couch, eat one chip at a time, and wait for the Lord to send down some thunderbolt of knowledge with a big-screen view of our future, purpose, and meaning.

A stagnant life for a Christian begins when we wait without movement. Forward motion, the first step of belief and trust, living the life God has given us, keep our sights on glorifying God where we are. Walking into potential rather than staying stuck in the quagmire.

Intentional living is living life on purpose. A deliberate, by-design, determined life lived for the glory of God. Living an intentional life leads to remarkable living. We need to be willing to make an effort for our behavior to reflect our beliefs.

Coming together with like-minded people forms intentional communities. The group of friends we can join with to hold each of us accountable becomes a remarkable group of God-glorifying people. We learn from each other as we seek the extraordinary life God desires. We emulate the joyful lives of those around us. Friends who help you become more Christ-like every day are friends who live to glorify God. Have you found a few friends to walk within this season of adventure?

Intentional living moves us from stagnant existence to the significant life intended for us. It focuses on glorifying God in a relationship with Jesus and deepens our faith, hope, and love. It places us face-to-face with Jesus every day.

The gospel has an effect on us in character, development, maturity, and behavior. The transformation happens through our connection with the Holy Spirit. We are a work in progress. We have a responsibility to represent the gospel and the effect it will have on others. We must choose to live a “whatever” life (Philippians 4:8), wherever He desires to have a gospel influence.

Embrace the grace and truth of Christ. Take that next step into the intentional living he intends even before you see the well-lit path. Grab a few friends to walk this life alongside the adventures ahead.

#makingroombook Chapter 7