Making Room

“What is God doing in and through you?”

It’s a question we should all ask ourselves. In Making Room, join a spiritual journey toward the discovery of the reasons behind stagnant faith.

A busy life, with a full to-do list leads to spiritual stagnation. Billie didn’t realize the stagnation in her own life, until her pastor asked the question, what is God doing in and through you? The question initiated a journey that led to saying yes to God’s invitation of experiencing the immeasurably more of Him. Billie teaches women how to:

• Explore practical and effective ways to troubleshoot Spiritual Stagnation.
• Discover how God wants to work in our lives.
• Make room for God to work through their lives.

About Billie

Billie Jauss is an international speaker, author, and podcast host with over 35 years of experience navigating life as the wife of an MLB coach. Billie is on a mission to help women conquer distractions, find peace in life’s chaos, and connect with people so they can share God with those He has placed in front of them wherever they are.