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You have a feeling there’s a reason why you feel heavily burdened by distractive thoughts…you know something can help you get unstuck…but what is it?

Wouldn’t it be AMAZING if you could find freedom from the #1 emotional toxin that holds you back from living your best?

Take this QUIZ and find out your distraction action to leave behind what’s holding you back and receive practical steps to live your best.

What is Your Distraction Action?

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Instructions:  Read and answer the 15 questions below. Allow 3-5 minutes to complete this comprehensive assessment. You and your future are worth the time investment!


When I spend time on social media, I leave feeling sad and lonely.

When I’m overwhelmed, I tend to push ahead rather than trust God to handle a situation.

My past is too crazy to be able to do things for God.

I don't feel like I belong in most social groups.

If other’s find out about the things I did before they will not take me seriously.

I don’t think God can use me in this stage of my life.

Abuse from my past keeps me stuck.

If I do well at something I tend to backoff because I feel like I’m being selfish.

I’m not as good as the woman who volunteers for everything and does it well.

People don’t believe me when I share my experiences.

When I walk into a new group of people, I feel anxious because I don’t measure up to them.

I can’t forgive myself for my actions toward others.

I consider all the things that can go wrong when I think about tackling a goal.

I am hurt when I hear a friend has been included in a group but I was not.

When I’m overwhelmed, I tend to push ahead rather than trust God to handle a situation.