In a time of great darkness, God promised to send a light who would shine on everyone living in the shadow of death.

He is both “Wonderful Counselor” and “Mighty God.”

The message of hope was fulfilled in the birth of Christ and the establishment of his eternal kingdom.

He came to deliver all people from their slavery to sin.

Could you imagine living in a time of despair and sacrifices with no hope of being saved? They had to work to gain forgiveness.

Jesus came to earth to be the sacrifice for us. There is great hope in believing in Him.

In our gloom and despair, we often fear that our sorrows and troubles will never end. But there is great hope in Jesus guiding and leading us through.

Wonderful Counselor: He is exceptional, distinguished, and the one who gives the right advice.

Mighty God: He is God himself.

Everlasting Father: He is timeless. He is God our father.

Prince of Peace: His government is one of justice and peace.

Which of these names makes you feel hopeful?

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