Grounds For Hope with author, Jan Unfried

Today’s episode introduces Jan Unfried, retired teacher and administrator. She is the author of two books with the theme of how connections with God and each other provide Grounds for Hope, one cup, and one story at a time. Coffee, Jesus, and a book. My favorite things!

In the winter of 2018, God impressed on her heart that He is the author and we are His book. That began Jan’s journey with Coffee Shop Chronicles. Knowing that many of us meet and tell our stories over a cup of coffee, she ventured out to find some unique stories that centered around a heart-warming cup of coffee. She feels it is a privilege to be able to share these stories with readers.

The adventure grows and changes as she listens to more narratives of how God is working in the pages of our lives. Jan speaks at church and community events to encourage others in their relationship with God and others. Jan speaks out of the overflow of what Jesus is doing in and through her life. Not only is she a fabulous speaker but a great listener of our personal stories.

Jan prays we will learn and grow from these chronicles. More so, she hopes we will see the value in giving God the pen and letting Him create His masterpiece in us. Start with one small step while believing in the BIG God we serve.

I know you will be encouraged in your relationship with the Lord and others. God’s Word is alive and active! Listen to the episode to understand the connection of God’s Word and our story.

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Psalm 91

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