Wisdom, Race, and Baseball with Renette Manuel

For over 33 years, I’ve had this woman as a guiding light in my baseball life, marriage, parenting, and faith walk. This is an amazing talk with her that I knew many could glean from in understanding God’s point of view.

After the death of George Floyd, Billie contacted her friend Renette by text. Billie kept hearing others ask, “What can we do about it?” She needed the same answer. Then the Lord spoke clearly that the world needed to hear the wise words of her longtime friend.

Renette Manuel is Christ-follower, a lover of God and His Word. She has lived many lives in the one God has given her, in and out of professional baseball, from playing days to coaching and managing. All while raising four world changers. She is a fountain of truth and wisdom. Renette and Billie have been friends for over 33 years.

In this episode, Renette offers wisdom and guidance at the root of racism and how we can move forward. Through stories of raising children, living life in Major League baseball, and experiences in all, we hear encouragement and motivation to press through and move on with forgiveness and heart change.

Our hope-filled God is true to His promises. He is faithful. We are not to point fingers but acknowledge our truth, confess our sins, and allow Jesus to work in our hearts so He can come back to a church without spot or wrinkle.

No guilt or fault, but praying for a clean heart renewing a right spirit. God is calling the Church.

The Church has to take the lead. Get in the right position for healing. Get rid of legalistic religious spirits. God is calling us to seek his face. They will know us by our love we’ve got to love one another.

Church, take the lead.

Let’s begin to pray together for a clean heart, to lock arms and walk through this life together. We were created for such a time as this.

Join us as we talk about wisdom, race, and baseball.

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