5 Characteristics To Have As A Friend

Have you ever struggled with friendships?

I have. With David’s professional baseball career, we have moved many times, changed teams, changed organizations, and lived outside the country.

It was hard to develop in-person, long term friendships. I wasn’t in one place long enough to forge the deep friendships I longed for in my life.

Staying in touch with people I met wasn’t the problem. With social media, it was easy to keep up with each other. It was the deep, vulnerable, transparent friendships I kept looking for and couldn’t find. My list for my friend’s qualities was long. Not picky, but high standards. I don’t want a relationship to be one-sided. I’ve made bad choices in friends over the years. I’ve been in friendships with people that were not to be trusted. I chose to hang around with people who gossiped and drug me into the negative talk. Even women that spoke horribly about their husbands when I needed some encouragement in my marriage.

After I read an article on the five types of people you want to surround yourself with, the Lord spoke to me, asking what kind of friend am I?

I had been looking for and evaluating others, but had I been the friend others needed? When we begin to grasp the truth in Luke 6:31, we change our outlook on who the Lord wants us to befriend and be as a friend.

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Luke 6:31 MSG NIV