An Offering

What stops us from accepting what Jesus is offering?

Trying to overcome a season of being spiritually stuck, I began to simplify my schedule and take control of the chaos around me. It didn’t work.

Then came the pandemic of 2020. Everything stopped. Travel. Family gatherings. Church. Our small group. Even baseball. All of the chaos that generally swirled around me like a hurricane felt more like the eye of the storm. There was an eery calm, yet I was continuing to feel overwhelmed, less connected to the Lord.

I realized that the external distractions serve as a veil over the internal emotional barriers that create a wall that keeps us from accepting Jesus’ offering.

Through the story of the Samaritan woman and Jesus’ encounter, we walk through the offer Jesus makes to us. His living water not just water as a physical need. The Samaritan woman wanted an easy way out; she yearned for a way to stop coming to the well each day. She wanted to stop. There will always be circumstances in our lives we cannot stop. Our emotional reaction limits our belief of what God can do in and through us. The only easy way is believing in a mighty God that guides and leads us to God’s best for us.

This episode discusses our self-limiting behaviors. These self-limiting behaviors cause God-restricting actions. What stops us from accepting God’s best opportunities, his offering?

Listen to help understand how we can accept the offering Jesus is extending to us.

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Mentioned in this episode:

John 4:15-19

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