When Discouraged, Where Do We Turn?

Where do we find comfort during discouragement? In today’s episode, I’m reading scripture from the book of Job. Yes, Job. The book I’ve avoided for years because of all of the pain and suffering. Then I read it. And to my surprise, I found amazing truth and guidance in his story.

Yes, it is a story of God, allowing Satan to test Job. It is a book of great suffering and loneliness; his wife even told him to go and die. His friends mocked him. Job was a faithful man, but he was overwhelmed with calamities. He complained about his trials even though he lived a righteous life. He lost perspective.

Trials and grief do not destroy our real purpose of life. Life is not for happiness and personal fulfillment but to honor and serve God. Job learned that during his journey.

Where do we find comfort when we are discouraged? Where do we turn? Do we turn to God or our feelings, doubt, loneliness?

Our comfort sometimes comes in the form of creating stories in our minds—the habit or the thoughts that recur over and over. The never-ending thought worm that keeps us stuck in our suffering.

We should live each day based on God’s love for us, not what we feel or think.

In today’s episode, listen to how we can begin to live life to the fullest.


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Job 3:26

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