YES, you can!!!

Social comparison is when we compare certain aspects of ourselves (e.g., our behavior, opinions, status, and success) to other people to assess ourselves better. Or, as I do too often, a worse assessment of myself.

When my kids were little, I beat myself up so much because I wasn’t as organized as the mom, who had seven kids and two dogs, but still showed up to all the games of multiple kids with makeup on and cute shoes!

Then there was the mom who decorated cakes like those shows on tv now. She was so talented and always brought the perfect season-appropriate cakes decorated just so perfect.

I thought those moms were much better than I was as a mom. I felt like I didn’t belong when I was near them.

Social media gets the blame for many issues, but if you are like me, I can find things to compare my life with at every turn.

Comparison will steal your joy and leave you feeling unfulfilled.

Be fiercely confident in who God has created you to be and where He has placed you!

A few weeks ago, I walked into an awards ceremony for authors. I was not up for an award; I was there to cheer on my dear friend, Jennifer Hand, who won an award for her book My Yes is on the Table. (Buy it! It is terrific).

As I approached the door of the room, I became anxious. I don’t belong here. Then I saw an author with 30 published books. I definitely don’t belong here.

I was comparing myself to many in that room, and I didn’t add up. Then I remembered how I had overcome comparison before.

Listen to how we turn from comparison to confidence.

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7 Calming Prayers for Women to Overcome Being Overwhelmed

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I pray your week is filled with joy and watering the grass under your feet.