Heaven Come To Earth with guest Chuck Parry

Today Billie welcomes her guest Chuck Parry.

Chuck Parry knows a thing or two about seeing Heaven come to Earth. Since giving his life to Jesus in the wilds of Colorado as a young man, and now as director of Bethel Healing Rooms in Redding, California, he has seen food multiplied, weather patterns changed, and countless people healed.

He chronicled many of these things in his autobiography, Free-Falling, which he self-published in 2011.

In his latest book, Alignment, Chuck encourages believers to step out in faith so they can receive the true and full benefits that come with being a child of God. When God renews our minds and aligns us with a Kingdom mindset, we can be empowered through the Holy Spirit.

Alignment shows us how we can live both in the Word and in the Spirit. By encouraging us though inspiring stories of how God has worked in others’ lives, Chuck shows that nothing is too hard for our God—ultimate healing and connection with God can happen!

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