Finding Common Ground

Billie welcomes Marilyn Siden and Robynne Elizabeth Miller, authors of Finding Common Ground: One Octogenarian’s Quest to Help our Nation Heal.

Marilyn has lived through much: the aftermath of World War II, Korea, and the horror of Vietnam. She’s navigated good political administrations and struggling ones, a thriving economy, and want.

Her eight decades of experience living in the US have shown her the best America has to offer and, unfortunately, the worst. But she never thought America would become a place of vitriol and despair.

So, she decided to do something about it.

Through a series of epic journeys across America, Marilyn discovered what she was after, practical advice on how to help our nation heal.

But she found something she wasn’t expecting . . . something far more powerful.

Marilyn found our common ground.

Robynne has authored eight nonfiction books as well as numerous articles, essays, and stories.

Robynne speaks, teaches, edits, and coaches authors across a variety of areas. She’s taught at workshops, mini-masterminds, retreats, and writer’s conferences along the west coast and has spoken nationally.

You can purchase Finding Common Ground here.

Robynne’s Website

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