How To Meditate to Overcome Fear

I’m not afraid of death. When I die, I will be celebrating face to face with Jesus. I’m mostly concerned about leaving my family behind and their anger toward God if it happened.

But after losing my sister, I became more and more worried about losing another family member. My husband. My kids. Other siblings. My mom.

I was sitting in the stands with the sun shining bright when my oldest sister once again called with terrible news. My brother had died. I was stunned. Shocked. Scared.

Terror filled me. I called other family members with the baseball crowd roaring after a walk-off win.

When I shared with a dear Christian friend that I was struggling with fear and doubt, she asked what scripture I was meditating on.

I have a list, but I really hadn’t been meditating on them. Just reading them and begging God to change my fear into faith.

Listen in to hear how to meditate on scripture.

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