Revealing The Number One Root To Discouraging Spiritual Jet Lag

I tried to overcome a season of feeling unsettled and uncertain by simplifying my schedule and taking control of my life’s chaos but it didn’t solve all my issues.

I realized it wasn’t the external distractions but the emotional barriers that were producing feelings of discouragement and defeat. Keeping me stuck, not growing in my Christian faith.

Even though there weren’t bad things happening I still found myself complaining. Each time one more thing came along, I began to talk myself out of stepping out in a new challenge. When my boys would call excited about life happening, I told myself I was a horrible mother and made a mental list of all the ways I failed.

2 Peter 3:18

Where are you spiritually stuck?

Listen in to hear the root of spiritual jet lag.

Let me know where you are stuck.

Distraction Detox releases 2-22-22