How To Dream So Big Only God Can Fulfill It

Many times I’ve had great desires to do more. Be more. Make more of an impact. But with three young boys and a husband who was away from home eight months a year, I felt stuck.

I often created a plan to do something I found valuable. Put in a splash of prayer and a pinch of trust in the Lord and ran. My arrogant assumption that I could accomplish it overran my belief that I needed God every step of the way.

Jesus called the disciples to go. They left the crowd and their stressful day behind.

Jesus told them to get into the boat and go to the other side. Other boats went along with them. The disciples trusted the Lord’s direction enough to go with Him to a destination He determined. The other side.

God promises to take us to the other side when He calls us to go with Him.

God promises to take us to the other side when He calls us to go with Him. Listen to today’s episode to hear how to dream so big only God can fulfill it.

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