5 Steps to DETOX From Fear: Step 2 Evaluate the Feeling of Fear

We are walking through the 5 step process to freedom and peace of mind using the DETOX anagram. Then I will move on to Unbelief, then shame/guilt.

God is moving. Come along for the ride. Join the detox.

Acrostic for D E T O X




Outline a Plan

eXecute the plan

Never let the barriers keep you from accepting what God wants to do in and through you.

In episode 291 we talked about Defining Fear

The first core toxin is fear, which causes us to fight, freeze, or flee because of our unease. Frightful fear, or fearfulness is not the spirit given to us by God. The Enemy loves to keep us entangled.

The fears of:





selfish ambition

This category includes the fear of being unable to maintain what we think we should be doing, of working for titles and notoriety, and of not being able to do it all.

In this episode, we evaluate the thoughts and feelings of fear.

Where did it come from?

Why do we hang onto it?

How does it make us feel?

What do you need to leave behind when you think of what fear you carry?

How many times do we determine and evaluate a feeling in the wrong way?

How many times do we just do what we always do?

Listen to hear how to evaluate the emotional toxin of fear.

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