Step 4 Outline A Plan for Spiritual Health when Dealing with Fear

In today’s episode of start small BELIEVE BIG we will learn How to Outline a Plan for Spiritual Health.

Godly ambition should be our goal—serving the Lord and living as faithful servants. Our selfish ambition, our jobs, or our status often become our basis of meaning and purpose. We get lost in the desire to know all the details and control the steps leading to an outcome.

When the Lord is our source for what matters and what it means, we find what He desires us to do. He provides.

Don’t worry about tomorrow. Today has enough worries of its own. God cares so much that He gives us what we need to achieve what He has called us to do. God provides.

We begin with courageous confidence, trusting in God’s plan. It is our responsibility to continue to seek Him and to follow His direction one day at a time.

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