5 Step Detox: Step One of Detoxing from Unbelief and Guilt/Shame

For the next 5 episodes, I will be digging into two of the most prevalent emotional toxins…Unbelief and Shame…we will walk through the 5 step process to freedom and peace of mind using the DETOX acrostic.

In today’s episode of start small BELIEVE BIG we define the toxin of Unbelief and Guilt/Shame.

I love that many of you have been on this journey called a podcast with me for almost 200 episodes. Yes, I started the podcast with the number 100. Let’s just say don’t listen to everything others suggest!

I began this series of Detoxing from the three top emotional toxins. But I’m taking a little detour. We are going to cover the last two over the next 5 episodes.

There are some exciting things happening and there’s a bit of redirection being tossed about.

I’m in the very beginning stages, but as we head into the 200th episode (Ep 300) the Lord is placing some small things on my heart and in my path.

We will dig into that over the next few weeks. So come back for exciting decisions and moves.

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