Step Two of the DETOX: Evaluate the toxin of Unbelief and Shame/Guilt

God is moving. Come along for the ride. Join the detox.

Acrostic for D E T O X




Outline a Plan

eXecute the plan

Never let the barriers keep you from accepting what God wants to do in and through you. 

E-evaluate the toxins of Unbelief and Guilt/Shame

Satan loves it when we have questions or doubts about God, and his hope is that we’ll never find our way back. That Satan would even care to mess with me tells me God has something magnificent in store for my life.

We want to control rather than release power to Jesus. We deny that God can do more and do it better than we ever could. We don’t accept the fact that God has our best interest in mind.

What are you struggling with? The doubt that God can use you? That you can make a difference in the kingdom? Guilt and shame from your past cancels what you can do now?