I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about friendships. I have some amazing friends, and then there are some I’m not so close with. Others cause drama that I can get caught up in because I want to salvage the relationship.

Then there are friends that support you in everything you do. The best of friends support you and challenge you when you’re on the path.

It’s really hard to determine who is going to be that kind of friend. And it’s also hard not to retaliate or retreat when things don’t go our way.

My biggest problem is I think everyone should like me because I’m nice.

God commands us to love one another no matter our feelings. He calls us to love our enemies, which is even harder.

I’ve found there are different types of friends we are in contact with. Once I learned to delineate the types of friends I was able to love more like Christ.

Listen in to hear about the four types of friends.

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