I’ve had many crises in my life. That’s how life goes. The most recent being a hurricane. I’ve lived through hurricanes in NC and our first as a married couple in Florida with Hurricane Andrew. Through many of those, I’ve been extremely anxious.

I tend to worry, predict and plan for the worst. However, when I’ve been practicing managing my thoughts and stopping the negative ones when they start I can control the downward spiral.

I’ve learned that prioritizing the things that help in my everyday life helps me to redirect the doomsday thinking.

How can we change our thoughts to be ready when a crisis hits? Listen to hear the 3 Keys to begin carefully changing your thoughts to help when a crisis hits.

Did you know I have 2 books that I believe can help you?

Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More

Distraction Detox: Release Emotional Barriers, Restructure Priorities, Realize God’s Best

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I pray your week is filled with clear passion and purpose.