Welcome to the first episode of the family room. How Women Can Gain Control When We First Feel Overwhelmed?

A little explanation of the name. In baseball, the family room is a room where we gather to do Bible Study, leave our kids with a babysitter, and chat with each other while we wait for our husbands after a game. It’s a safe place to gather, just like my family room at home. I love to invite people in to spend quality time together.

We juggle a lot of hats as women. During an argument with my husband, I yelled about all the things I do that get no recognition.

I told him he couldn’t afford to hire someone to do all that I did.

Listen in to learn, How can we gain control when we first feel overwhelmed?

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7 Calming Prayers for Women to Overcome Being Overwhelmed

I pray your week is filled with joy and peace!