After 30 years of professional baseball, you would think I have this season/off-season routine down. Each year about two weeks before the hubby leaves, he begins to disconnect from our home routine, the Exit Program. Then when we return from the season, there are another two weeks of reconnecting, the Reentry Program.

The problem is that my hubby goes from rest to work and work to rest in 60 seconds flat. The day after his season ends he has no responsibilities for work until January. He doesn’t have a clue how to balance that. I never understood the transition because, while raising kids, there is no ‘off’ time. There is no time to shut down completely. Don’t get me wrong I knew how to get away and take time for me. However, I didn’t always choose to do it. I knew it was right back to the grind after a short break so I thought, why take a break?

Two years ago, we began our empty nest period of life. I’ve had a lot more time without impending activities and needs from others.

Until now.

This off-season for my hubby is a busy season for me. I have a book to promote and nurture into the world. There is a lot to be done. I am a natural planner, but if I don’t organize my to-dos, I felt more overwhelmed and exhausted because I find no time to rest even in the work I have to do.

We cannot do everything in our strength. We have to rely on the strength of God to help us. It’s not easy to ask for help from anyone because we often think we are a failure if we don’t do it on our own. We all need help. Relying on God’s help first and foremost gives us the strength to see when we need help when we need rest.

Rely on God during the tasks to be accomplished, ask for help and put together a plan.

11 Steps That Lead To Balancing Work and Rest

  1. Write your To-do list.
  2. Simplify your list lump multiple tasks with the same goal, into one.
  3. Prioritize the top 3.
  4. Write the 3 most important tasks in a place that is convenient. I choose one place to have the list with a box to check when achieved. I use my calendar.
  5. Be realistic as to what you can do on your own and what you need help in doing. Ask for help in those needs.
  6. Define what rest is for you. Read, Meditate, close your eyes, go for a walk. Whatever it is define one way you rest. Connection to Him is rest in the busyness.
  7. Put it on your to-do list.
  8. Do One thing at a time.
  9. Don’t put it off. Stay on task.
  10. Embrace change if you need to mix it up to achieve the outcome you want.
  11. Remember you are in control of your life, with God’s strength. He is the power source in all that we do!


My calendar may be full, my to-do list long but my connection to the ultimate power source of God’s strength allows me to accomplish more than I think I can. During the time of work I find rest in between the tasks and ultimately within the tasks. In partnering with Christ, we have only a small part. He is the source of strength and rest for us. Rest in the busyness. Rest in the quiet. He is with us during it all.

How do you find time to rest? What does rest look like for you? What suggestions would you add to the list above?