When I began reviewing my notes from the Mount Hermon Writers Conference my highlighter flooded the pages, so many nuggets of knowledge. The conference shares information about faith, marketing, platform building, and writing. The most valuable information comes from our time with the Lord throughout the conference. I will share that content in later blogs, but today I wanted to share a few nuggets from the speakers. It was hard to pinpoint what I wanted to share as all of the information is extremely valuable.

Being a list maker, I began a list bulleting the ‘most’ important nuggets. That took up two pages of notes. I toiled over the deletion of some of the information I wanted to share with you and have come up with a list of 20. It amazes me how I can attend a writer’s conference and leave with amazing life lessons that strengthen my faith.

20 Nuggets of Knowledge To Propel Our Writing Career (and life)

  1. We are not in this alone…but God.
  2. We are writing for an audience of one. God.
  3. Settle your worth with the Lord before you ever begin.
  4. Be real. Be responsive. Be realistic. Be respectful. Be Christ-like.
  5. You are God’s vessel.
  6. Write with conviction.
  7. Surrender our stories to God.
  8. There is tremendous power in the blood of the Lamb and our testimony.
  9. Our testimony is lending our faith to someone else.
  10. Be anointed by him before giving to others.
  11. His words, not mine.
  12. Write as an act of worship.
  13. God anoints us to use 26 letters to express his words.
  14. Develop a Prayer Team (best thing I did throughout my book process)!
  15. Keep writing God will honor your faithfulness. God rewards obedience.
  16. Be confident and courageous.
  17. Faith is taking the first step before God reveals the next step.
  18. If you have been called to write, not writing is disobedient.
  19. Delayed obedience is disobedience.
  20. Write to leave a legacy to others defining what you believe.

But God…. The best of life’s faith lessons are strengthened by this phrase. God is our strength, our hope, our joy, our love. I am blessed to be called into this writing life and am committed to obeying that call. Thank you for being in this life with me. Living obediently. Living life together. Living the abundant life of faith. According to his abilities.

Do any of these 20 points encourage you to make a change or move forward with something God has called you to fulfill? What is the next thing God is asking you to be obedient with?

I would love to hear from you and hear your story.