In the past couple of weeks, I wrote 5 Steps To Reading The Bible and Why Do I Need To Read The Bible. I pray you have found a version you enjoy reading, you have opened the pages and you have begun a habit of setting a timer and reading.

This week I want to go one step deeper. Studying what you are reading. As we read God’s Word, we can skim through the words, explaining to ourselves that we don’t understand it and get frustrated. There are three easy steps to digging deeper and understanding more of what God wants you to know.

First I would suggest you buy an inexpensive notebook. The notebook gives you a place to write down your thoughts.

Three Steps To Understanding The Bible

  1. What is God saying to you when you read?
  • Make sure you pray before you open the pages to read. If you are thinking about what God is saying to you as you read, specific scripture will pop. It will stick out and stick to your spirit. Write it down.
  1. What are the questions you have about what you read?
  • I have been reading the Bible for many years. Each time I dig deeper, I have questions. Writing those questions down gives us a chance to research the answers. When you have time look back at the questions, search them on the internet, read what you can to learn more. You don’t have to buy big books to learn you can find great information on the internet.
  1. What is a takeaway from what you read that you can apply throughout your day?
  • As you read, find nuggets and ask questions there will be an idea that rises to the top. The ones that rise to the top for me I call my ‘hashtag for the day.’ What are you going to act on, obey, from the scripture you read? #takeaway #love #hope #obey #submit #readmore What is your #hashtag for the day?

Using these three easy steps draws us into a deeper relationship with God; understanding who God is, who you are in Him and helps us be more Christ-like. Digging deeper and making room for God in our daily life deepens our relationship. Reading His Word strengthens our faith!

Let me know how you reading is going. Write it on Social Media, tag me, and write your # for the day. You can also comment below.