Welcome to the New Year! Did you enter 2016 sliding headfirst, ready for what God has for you this year? Or, did you slide in rolling and bouncing all the way across the stroke of midnight praying you land safely as your world seems too overwhelmed with fireworksthe craziness of 2015? I confess the latter for me. I felt as New Year’s Eve began that I was not ready for what was next. My year was stressful and left me feeling defeated at times. The chaos of my year needs to end but I don’t see any smooth sailing ahead, at least for a while. The feeling of impending doom follows me like few other times in my life. Why do I allow these circumstances to send me into a cloud of doubt and defeat? Why do I feel so helpless?

Helplessness comes from standing in the pride and belief that I am in control and can take charge of the experiences of life that are thrown at me throughout the year. I need to take care of others. I need to change the way others are acting. I need to change my sensitive spirit. I need to stop being hurt by others words. I need to hurt others as much as they are hurting me. I need to stop thinking negative thoughts about myself and others. I need…. I am a believing Christian. I do good things. I read my Bible. I pray… Again the ‘I’ disease!

When did the ‘I’ disease invade my spirit? What have I done to fail in my belief that Jesus is King? How did I forget He takes care of my circumstances and me? Who is bigger than God? Where have taken God’s power?

God is with us, Immanuel. We are not alone. I do NOT have to do it alone. I CANNOT do it all alone. I do not HAVE to do it alone. I am not ALONE! In the word of God we see many scripture that give us confidence in His ability to be God. Over and over there are blessings that happen in our every day that shows us He is God, that He is in control, that He loves us, and that He has our back!

In Ephesians 3:20 we see His sovereignty over our lives, not in our own ability but in His. He is able! His power is at work in us!Revelations 3 20 Let down those constraints that we place on ourselves and pick up the power that He has already placed in us.

Today I begin the first full week of the New Year accepting the Power that Christ has put in me to be able to live the Immeasurably More that He wants to accomplish in and through me. Watch out world His glory is going to be put on display!

Let’s make this year a year of adventure with Christ. Giving His Holy Spirit free space to roam within us, His power working through us, allowing Him to do immeasurably more for His glory.

Lord heal me of my ‘I’ disease. You have free reign over my spirit. In this adventurous journey, change and mold me to be more Christ-like. Speak to me in new ways through your Word. May your Spirit to do more than one could ask or imagine.

Suggested reading: Ephesians 3