Over the last two years, I have been purposeful in directing my life in a Christ-like way. I had found myself falling to negative thoughts, anxiety and failure-laden tasks. The impending empty nest was overwhelming me. I focused on past hurts, hang-ups, and hardships that I had taken on as my identity. It affected my marriage, family, and self-esteem. I pushed people away. I bible studypushed God away.

In the midst of my complacency to live a life involving self-deprecation, I continued to read God’s Word only believing how it applied to others not me. Believing that I was stuck in the ways things were, and it would never change. I became confused about Who was able to change circumstances and me.

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is— his good, pleasing and perfect will.” Romans 12:2

I began with renewing my mind.

Renewing my belief in an almighty God.

Then I walked with confidence.

clay pot


My 50th birthday is tomorrow. (Bending over double with the feeling of a kick to the stomach!) When I decided to make changes two years ago, I did so with goals in mind. I would begin to work on renewing my mind, my beliefs and my actions with a goal of changing me, being a better me by my 50th.


5 Important Life Changes Implemented before my 50th Birthday Celebration

  1. Each day, choose well. Choose to feel blessed. Choose to be grateful. Choose to see the best in others. Choose to see the best in yourself.
  1. Learn something new each day. Don’t live an average life settling with what I already knew.
  1. Be willing to grow and change. Let God guide you to the path He has created for you, not one you push your way to and through.
  1. Dream Big Take Action. Seek a dream that God has placed on your heart with great intent. Do what you have to do to obtain it. Remember to learn something new each day, grow and change!
  1. Live life to the fullest each day. God has given you another day to enjoy. Do it!!!

I am not at a point that I feel I have reached a pinnacle in my life. I do know that I am following the One who gives me a pinnacle to continually try to reach, being Christ-like. I am no better than another, but I AM better than I was yesterday.

We can be better each day, better than we were the day before striving to be Christ-like, making choices for good, dreaming, growing and changing. What can you begin to change today? What can you set your mind on to become more Christ-like? Join me in this everyday journey. Share what you want to change and I will begin to pray with you!!!

Sliding into 50 headfirst while singing Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!!

Happy Birthday