If there is one rhyme I was taught as a child, that haunted me for years, it was “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” For years, I was so confused as to who was stupid enough to say that words did not hurt you. I had a few people in my past that abused that saying. They believed that they could say whatever they wanted and the words wouldn’t hurt me. They were wrong.

sticks and stonesI have always had a tender soul, but it wasn’t confirmed at an early age. I didn’t realize it until I was much older and the words from the past began haunting my soul so deeply that I would have nightmares and panic attacks. Negative ‘prophesies’ that were spoken over me invaded the very cells of my being so deeply, they continued to creep up into my mind and torture me. I allowed these thoughts to come back. I allowed the words to creep from my subconscious to my conscious. I began to allow those words to define me so many years after I had made a pact with myself to never allow the words or the people to control me ever.

The first words came back when I got married. “No one can ever love someone like you.” “You will never be a good wife.” Then when I had children. “I hope God gives you children as bad as you.” “No one like you can be a good mother.” I let those words begin to identify me. I allowed the words to bring fears of failure and lack of worth. I allowed those people that had spoken those words over me to take control of my thoughts. I asked one of the people from my past relationships why they said some of the things they said. “I never said that!” was their response. I was allowing my identity and fears be guided by words that someone said and they didn’t even remember saying them.

Many times I wished that I had been struck with sticks and stones rather than beaten down with words. Thinking that bones and skin wounds would heal easier than the penetrated soul after a beating of words. Wrong thinking. Sticks, stones, and abusive words all hurt the same and leave deep scars.

There is only one place that words do not hurt the soul. The Bible. God’s Word is a healing and comforting place to rest your soul.Proverbs 4:20-22 Learning the words of God give you a place to rest your damaged soul. There may be some of the words that hurt your pride and your wrongdoings but those are the words that change and grow healing into your soul.

I am so thankful that I found the healing power of Jesus through His Word. When feeling the panic and anxiety that those thoughts bring forth I rely on His peace and forgiveness, His acceptance and joy.

Pray with me: Lord God I pray with each person reading this, as we continue to dig deep into your Word. I pray your words heal our damaged souls. I pray that our thoughts are based on your love and guidance and our actions would be in pursuing the calling you have placed on our lives. I pray Lord that the hurtful words of the past be replaced by your healing and comforting words.

Suggested Reading: Matthew 8: 1-17