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No Matter Your Mess

While growing up on a farm, I heard my mother yell many times, “Don’t come in this house until you get that dirt off of you!” Dirt jumped on me it seemed. I loved to roll around in the creek that ran behind our house gathering twigs, leaves, leeches, tadpoles and...

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Remember This

The week the hubby and I began the trek home to Florida from our baseball season in Pennsylvania. To be honest. I was sick with a cold, exhausted from packing and depleted emotionally. As we wound our way through mountainous terrain, I gazed at the wonder of God’s...

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Let’s Do It Together!

Earlier in the year, a couple of friends and I were discussing our lack of consistency in reading the Bible. We each had our reasons for lacking in our luster for reading but it all came to the issue of no one to hold us accountable. So many days I wake up with great...

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Beautifully Imperfect

I was shopping for a new desk. I had in my mind exactly what I wanted, size, color, and design. The perfect fit. I looked for weeks, never finding the exact one I wanted. They were too small, too wide, too big, too long, not the color I wanted, not enough drawers and...

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New Beginnings

My summer of renewal was over on September 1st. I was refreshed and ready to go, as was God. Things have been busy over the past week. Lots of new things on the horizon. More speaking engagements on the calendar. Packing up for the end of the baseball season and...

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Each Day Is New

Early in the summer, I felt as if I were sitting in darkness, so many thoughts in my head. Too many to-dos on the agenda. I had no focus nor determined steps to proceed. I was tired. I was pushing myself and growing more and more weary, closing in on a physical and...

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Decrease The Moving Parts

Recently I’ve felt a lot of stress and distractions in my life. I am struggling with focus and organization. I rarely get to this point of chaos even when I’m traveling to many places, but I am where I am. I am neglecting my husband. I haven’t gone on a road trip with...

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Love Live Learn

I boarded the plane, traveling to attend my great-niece’s high school graduation. When I settled in my seat, I began reminiscing. It was 34 years ago when I graduated. I remember how the unknown lay ahead as I stepped across the stage. I had plans but wasn’t confident...

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Confused and Lonely?

“I can’t do it anymore.” My heart broke as I looked at my friend curled up in the chair, tears flooding her cheeks as her body quivered. My heart broke. I placed my hand on her knee quietly praying. She could barely open her eyes the pain so intense. I waited for her...

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  Memorial day is the day on which those who died in active military service are remembered. Today we remember those lives lost. American Revolutionary War 25,000 War of 1812 approximately 15,000 Mexican-American War approximately 13,000 Civil War approximately...

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