Did you know nine out of ten people will not follow through with their New Year resolutions. 50% of resolution makers will feel they failed by the end of January.

Many years ago, I gave up on resolutions.

A few years ago, my husband and the team’s coaching staff began choosing one word for the year. I wasn’t convinced it would work, so I didn’t jump on the bandwagon with him.

After watching him through the year, choosing to focus on the one word and how that propelled him to grow and transform, I was sold on the concept.

The following year, I started picking one word for the upcoming year. No resolutions, no goals, just one word that gives meaning, mission, passion, and purpose.

One word that helps me find peace and purpose. I discovered that focusing on one word, sticks!

My word over the years has varied from task-oriented to faith-based. Write. Believe. Boldness. Qualified. I know my one word chose me more often than I chose it.

This year I realized I’d put a process together to choose my word. Or allow it to choose me.

My process began with prayer. I had been curious what my year would bring with all the changes, a new book, and taking my ministry to a new level. I prayed for the Lord to reveal my word.

At a writer’s conference, I had a few conversations that sparked ideas about my word.

Searching scripture, it became obvious. The one word three people spoke over me, what God was asking me to step into to grow in my faith.

You may not have any idea what your word is yet. That’s okay. We have some time to figure it out.

I hope the following steps will help you choose one word and begin to make 2022 a great year. Also, this is a great exercise to do with your kids, students, coworkers, teammates, or friends.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

  1. Pray and invite God in. No one knows your future better than Him.
  2. Reflect on the past year. What lessons have you learned? What is another you may need to learn this coming year? Write down words or phrases that surface.
  3. Search the Scriptures. Take your time here. Pray over each word and verse where He leads you.
  4. Anchor it with a verse. Once you select your word, choose a focus verse – a verse that resonates with your word. This step is a critical part of living it out.
  5. Write or print out the word and scripture and place it somewhere you will see it daily. Each morning read them both and pray about how the Lord will guide you that day.


If you are still questioning what your word will be, I have made a list of a few words for you to ponder and pray about:

Able, Abide, Anchor, Arise, Behold Believe, Belong, Bloom, Called, Cherished, Confident, Decide, Destined, Dream, Encourage, Endurance, Enjoy, Faithful, Fearless, Flourish, Gather, Gentle,  Frow, Heal, Hear, Hospitality, Increase, Influence, Inspire, Joyful, Kind, Kindred, Know, Lead, Lift, Linger, Matter, Mighty, Mindful, Need, Nourish, Nurture, Obey, Open, Overcome, Pause, Peace, Pray, Quiet, Ready, Rebuild, Rejoice, Savor, Seek, Simplify, Teach, Testify, Treasure, Undivided, United, Unity, Value, Victorious, Vision, Watchful, Willing, Worship, Yearn, Yes, Yours, Zealous, Zest, Zippy.

Are you curious about my word for 2022?

My verse is Galatians 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

My word for this year is FREEDOM.

I tend to run a script in my mind of my limitations. I begin something only to worry it won’t go well, even if it is. I stifle what God desires to do in and through me.

Focusing on my new book and learning the lessons on my own, I knew the word God was sending me. And the confirmation in words spoken over me.

I pray that my focus on freedom will lead me to more opportunities to glorify the Lord in all I am, say, and do. Hold me to it!

Will you commit to one word this year?

When you choose your word, please email me and let me know.