The Christmas season is such a beautiful time of year. The twinkling lights on an evergreen tree, Christmas music serenading you through the day, and colorful decorations glistening in the night remind us of the birth of Jesus. I am busy. Too busy to think straight. Too many to-do lists. Too many things I need to accomplish. During these times I get disconnected from God’s presence even though he is the reason to celebrate this time of year.

Possessing knowledge is important, but a spiritual connection with Christ leads to an empathetic soulful recognition, and recognizing the presence of God grants a deeper understanding of what He desires. I realized I stand in God’s way with my busy life and to-do lists. I can’t see His desires. Much like the distractions, I placed in the depths of my soul; my busy life blocks the deeper connection and understanding I need to propel myself into glorifying God.

We need to focus on God’s desires for us—the connection of my soul with His. In my life, I had been focusing on the to-dos that portrayed me as a dutiful Christian woman who was leading her children in loving Christian ways. The spiritual journey I encountered was revealing my selfish intent. I was trying to fit a mold of what people expected of a Christian, not what God expected of me.

I had to uncover the contrary ideas that inhibited my understanding of God’s will in my life. Negative ideas planted in our innermost thoughts come from different experiences. The unfavorable words Christians say to Christians build a wall of misunderstanding of what is important—His will, others’ words or the things I have to accomplish.

We allow others’ comments to make us strive to please people, question our worth, and question what God is calling us to do.

Over the time of making room for the Holy Spirit, I began to see me as God sees me. I am a child of God created in His image. He created every aspect of my personality for His purpose. And whether I perceive these issues as negative, or even if others criticize me, He knew at my formation that these are characteristics that make me who He wants me to be. Standing in God’s way inhibits the fullness He can accomplish according to His power. The enemy can use our thoughts to take us in a direction that is contrary to God’s plan.

During the Christmas season, we need to focus on the Holy Spirit’s desires in our lives even more. Take time in the next few days to just slow down and listen. Listen to the songs that proclaim the coming of Christ. Read the story of his birth from the Bible. See the hope and love around us.

What takes you away from focusing on God’s Will during this time of year? Do you have a plan to focus more on God and less on the busyness?

#makingroombook Chapter 5 Understanding His Will