“God, what do you want me to do for you today?” I asked the question with and tender heart and open ears.

At the beginning of my writing journey, I ran after God for answers. I wanted to write what he wanted me to write but I was stuck in thinking too small. The writer’s conference challenged me to “Dream Big” with God’s guidance.

I wrote a goal down that day, a big goal, and began doing the next thing God asked me to do.

“Brothers and sisters, stop thinking like children.” 1Corinthians 14:20a. The beginning of dreaming big is to stop thinking small.

Think big but realistic.

Pray for discernment.

Grasp the thoughts God gives you.

Next, we can write down what our dream is with attainable goals. When I asked God what he wanted me to do, I listened but was confused by what I heard. The words that were in my spirit were, “Write a book.”

What??? I am not a writer, well I have written devotions for Baseball Chapel, but write a book? No way! Yeah, I know, I am such an obedient Christian woman when arguing with God. The impression lay on my heart heavy. While at the writer’s conference I began dreaming big and started a list of goals that I thought would never be attainable. I was a beginning writer. I couldn’t get a book published ever, no less what the goal I wrote was.

My goal? Get a book contract before my 50th birthday, which was one year and one month from the goal written. There were other more attainable goals, so I started there. I began doing the one next thing God asked me to do. I went to appointments with publishing houses at that conference and got shot down with heavy hearted ‘No’s.’ In committing to do the next thing, I asked each person I met with what they would recommend for someone beginning their writing career. I took their advice and began to apply it to my new career. One thing at a time.

At my next conference, I once again met with publishing houses. One of those, New Hope Publishing, wanted to look at my book proposal with a possible contract in mind. What? Would I meet my goal of a contract before my 50th?

The answer was no. I didn’t meet that goal. However, I kept doing the next thing. Then two months after my birthday I had a contract for my first book to be published.

I dreamed a dream bigger than I could imagine. But God…

I set goals that scared me. But God…

I did the next thing God asked me to do. Now one and one-half years after my 50th birthday, my first book will be released. Wow God!

What are your dreams? What would your dreams be if you knew you wouldn’t fail? Where is God guiding you?

Are there realistic but frightening goals you can write down and begin working to attain?

What is the next thing God is asking you to do? Listen..

Share with me how you are answering these questions. I would love to know!