Early in the summer, I felt as if I were sitting in darkness, so many thoughts in my head. Too many to-dos on the agenda. I had no focus nor determined steps to proceed. I was tired. I was pushing myself and growing more and more weary, closing in on a physical and mental collapse.

Driving ourselves into complete exhaustion and discouragement delivers us into complete depletion. During these times, we have an outward appearance of ‘everything is all right.’ A smile on our face and standing tall, but inside we are an anxious mess. The enemy sees a garden ready to flourish, for him. We become a target.

Don’t panic! Be content as you sit in the darkness giving Jesus a chance to refresh your mind, body, and soul. God is with you! He is with you when you are standing, walking and when you have collapsed under the pressures.

Look for Him.

Praise him in the darkness.

You may have fallen, but you will rise again.

When you find yourself in a place of depletion, in the shadows of darkness, find shelter in Jesus.

Let him nurture you and shelter you under His wings. He will be your light. The light will protect, restore and heal you.

Once Jesus has begun to restore you, you will crawl out from under his wings, refreshed and robust. Your journey will continue with a renewed spirit.

God’s presence is always with you.

Hope in Him.

This summer was a time of renewal for me. I sat in the shadows of His wings and let Him renew me, wholly. Holy. September, I start refreshed.

My summer siesta gave me strength and focus. I decreased my to-dos. I prioritized my need to. I completed the have to.

Each day is new.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness,” Lamentations 2:22-23.

Be encouraged and strengthened by Jesus.

Renewed and refreshed by Him.

Start now.

Begin today allowing Him to be your protection, guidance, and strength.

As I continue to post a new blog each Monday, we are going to learn more about God’s Word, how to live it out each day, and how to love others as Jesus has loved us.




I want to challenge us. I want this to be a community of women who are desiring to seek and embrace the immeasurably more Jesus desires in our lives.

This is not a place for judgment or condemnation.

It is a safe place for learning, living and loving.

When we fall, we are going to sit under His wings to be protected, restored and healed. Then we are going to crawl out, rise and stand firm!


We are going to pray for, support and encourage one another.

Be renewed together. It’s a new day!

Who’s with me?

Have you been living in darkness lately?

What is happening in your life that has allowed the enemy to take hold?

Can you start sitting in the shadows being content knowing that Jesus is protecting you?