Wow! The time has come. Edits are back. I found my manuscript with edits in my inbox the day before I left with the hubby on a seven-day wives trip with the team.

From the beginning of this writing journey, I have listened to other writers complain about how hard the editing process is. The negative comments brought up fear of writing because one day it would have to be edited. I pushed those thoughts out of my head and dove into making my writing the best I could make it. I knew it would never be perfect but I wanted to be at peace with what I submitted. That was my comfort zone.

I submitted the manuscript on February 1st and waited. And waited. And waited. The publishing process through a traditional publishing house is slow. Then there are times of extremely fast deadlines. Like now. My edits are due June 12th!

When I opened the document to peruse the edits I was immediately taken out of my comfort zone. The feelings of writing my best work eroded quickly. I looked at the big picture, not the details one by one. It looked extremely overwhelming.

I reached out to my Dream Team of Prayer Warriors and begged for prayers. Having a group of people going to God in prayer for you when you are living outside your comfort zone is imperative. Many of my prayer team got back to me quickly covering this book in prayer. Knowing the book is prayed over has been a priority during the entire process. It is extremely important now as I edit making sure my decisions are based on bettering the book, not personal feelings. If I base the edits on my feelings they will be in relation to my emotions not what God wants to do with the words I write. My prayer team covers all of this in prayer.

The plan was made on how to move forward with edits, I would tackle one page, one chapter, one day at a time. Moving forward one step at a time helped put my feelings behind and the goal ahead. Glorifying God in each word of the book is the goal. Having a plan attains that goal. The comfort comes from his peace during the process.

Beginning the edits one at a time began a flow of work. The first day I completed two chapters of edits. The second day my emotions overwhelmed me and shut down the work. I felt defeated. I couldn’t do this. Who is crazy enough to publish my book? Once again I got in the way of what God wants to do. The irony is the chapter I was working on is about Spiritual Attacks. Funny how the enemy wants to take you down when you are glorifying God! A cleansing of my spirit was needed, accomplished and edits are in full forward motion again. Standing strong against the enemy forging ahead in God’s peace brought comfort to what I need to do. Glorify God with the words in the book.

Pray, I survive! I know I will. And I know the edits will make it a stronger book impacting the lives of the people who read it.

Thank you for joining me on this writing journey. I cannot wait to get the books into your hands!