Devote One Word For An Exciting Year of Life With Purpose

In today’s episode of start small BELIEVE BIG, we will learn how to Devote One Word For The Year to finding focus and purpose. Billie gives clear guidance on how one word has helped her through the past years. She also gives five steps to choose your word. She ends the podcast by sharing her word for the year.

Check out this Blog Post to find a list of words to ponder when choosing your word for the year.

Also, read a recent blog post about choosing your one word. A longer list of potential words is available.

My second book releases on 2-22-22.

Distraction Detox: Release Emotional Barriers, Restructure Priorities, Realize God’s Best

Distractions can steal your joy and can definitely steal your purpose. In Distraction Detox, we learn to get rid of those self-limiting thoughts, replace them with truth that brings peace and create a plan to step into our purpose.

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