As I scrolled through Facebook, I saw an ad for a tea towel. Written on the tea towel was, “I love Jesus, but I cuss a lot.” At first, I threw judgment on those who cuss. Then God reminded me, so do I at times.

My heart sank.


Why do I slip up and cuss at times? I am sure I can come up with lots of excuses.

The devil made me do it.


They are easy to let slip.

I am around friends who cuss like sailors.

No matter the excuse I am allowing myself the emotional indulgence of foul language.

What purpose do those words have in my life?

Am I portraying the woman God intends me to be?

Am I honoring God with my words?

Are there other words I could use to portray the same message?

These questions came to mind for me as I pondered the use of four-letter words.

I definitely feel better for a moment when I am angry and let one loose. The regret follows closely behind.

Why do I choose the easy way out? Serving God is no easy task but is worth all the work I have to do in my soul to be more Christ-like.

When I am tempted around friends why am I weak? To fit in? To not stand out? To feel comfortable?

My comfort is not as important as my faith.

Proverbs is a book in the Bible that is widely known for instruction and wisdom. The book is frequently used to teach youth. I see with every Proverb I read that I need to be reminded in my older years.

Proverbs teaches wisdom, discipline and how to lead a prudent life. I thank God every time I read it for the practical application for my life.

“A good person’s mouth is a clear fountain of wisdom; a foul mouth is a stagnant swamp,” Proverbs 10:31(The Message).

I don’t want my mouth to be a stagnant swamp! I want to be a clear fountain of wisdom. Jesus help me!

So is it wise to use foul language? No. The words are unwholesome and ugly. There are so many other words we can use that aren’t as hurtful or destructive to you me, others, and God.

Words should be used to build up, to convey wisdom. The next time you are tempted to curse, ask yourself, “What does that accomplish?” “How are these words breaking apart what I have done for Jesus?” “Am I representing God the best I can?”

Then speak words of truth, honoring God in all that you say do and are!