I love people watching in airports, especially large city international airports. Oh, the adventures people take.
One of my favorite books to read to my boys when they were young was Oh The Places You Will Go by Dr. Seuss. There was a little trickery in reading the book because in our baseball lives we traveled a great deal. I wanted them to embrace the excitement of the adventures we would take, following dad from one baseball town to another, but know it wasn’t always going to be perfect.I love adventures, and fortunately, my boys did also. And still do!
In the many adventures I have taken traveling in baseball, and for pleasure, the greatest adventure in my life has taken place since I asked God, “What do you want me to do for you today?”
A few years ago I began a spiritual journey. Little did I know where it would take me, not even in the midst of the adventure did I know where it would be.
My youngest son was entering his senior year of high school, and I was on a collision course with mandatory retirement. I had been a stay-at-home mom, and most of the time dad, for 25 years. I wasn’t sure who I was without a kid in the house.
My journey for identity started before my spiritual adventure. When I began to find my identity as a ‘good’ Christian woman it became apparent that my spiritual life was a bit stagnant. If I was the good Christian woman I thought I was, shouldn’t my identity already be foundational in Christ? I was doing all the ‘right’ things; reading my Bible, going to Bible Study when I could fit it in, praying, hanging out with Christian friends, and professing the name of Jesus. The more I evaluated, the less connection I sensed.
I had grown farther from God than I ever intended.
Once I saw how far I had allowed my spiritual life and connection to Jesus fall, I began cleansing my Spirit and growing closer to Christ. The day I finally asked him what I could do for him took me to places I never intended to go, but he planned for me to go. It all changed from my minuscule view of what I could do in my own power and opened a view of the immeasurably more he intended for me. The adventure began!
On January 15, 2018, my first book, Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More, will be released. Only God could make something like this happen. I was never the girl that wanted to write, no less a whole book. Only God could have this adventure grow into something so unbelievably amazing.
My traveling adventures continue, today sitting in La Guardia Airport waiting for a delayed flight, but I’m living the best adventure of my life, following God’s guidance for everything in my life.
What about you? Where are you in your journey? What adventure have you allowed God to take you on? Are you feeling spiritually stagnant? Need help with how to live the immeasurably more God intends for you?
Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More is now available for pre-order. Go to the Making Room page above and see where you can pre-order the book.