Words are thrown around like scrap pieces of paper. Daggers to the heart said in passing. One person thinks what they say is funny. The other is pierced deeply into their soul. ‘He’ thinks his words shouldn’t be taken so literally, ‘her’ world is turned upside down. ‘She’ says ‘he’ isn’t acting like a man, his desire to be her man is crushed.

Enter social media. The availability of spewing malicious words is immensely increased. No responsibility or accountability is the fuel for Internet-based soul destruction.

Words are harmful when they are not said in kindness and love in person, to another or via a device. We hold on to the negative comments as absolute truth. Our relationships are impacted with lasting effects. We allow our souls to be shaped by others words.

The noise in the world is deafening. It is hard to tune out the harmful noise around us. When those voices are loudest, God’s love for us must be louder. When we quiet our spirit and listen for the voice of God, we hear the truth, not negative chatter.

If you are having a hard time hearing God’s voice, let me remind you of what God loves about you.

He loves you more than you can fathom.

He chose you.

You are wanted.

He LOVES being your friend.

He misses you when you are not close.

You are important to Him.

You are never alone.

You are uniquely His.

He loves to see you use the strength He has given you.

He loves when you take care of the least of these.

He’s got your back. He defends you.

He loves when you are happy where you are doing what you have been given to do.

He loves that you see the beauty he has created around you.

He loves that you take care of the temple he gave you to live in, your body.

He loves that you love others.

He loves your smile.

He loves your personality.

He is in love with the person He created you to be.

He is proud of the person you are!

You are His warrior!