I am a blessed woman. Even more, than I ever thought I was. This past week I went home. I returned to the little Eastern North Carolina town where I grew up. Tarboro, North Carolina. I left in 1984 to attend college, only returning on weekends to work in a local nursing home as a nurse’s aide. Then in 1987, I moved to Florida with my now husband for his new job in professional baseball. It’s been a long time since I lived in Tarboro. But this past weekend, I experienced love and support from the little town that raised me.

My mama!

Last year when I told my mama I was writing a book she demanded when it was released we had to have a party so she could eat cake and celebrate with me. She is now in her 80’s and doesn’t travel anymore. When she made the request, I wasn’t sure if we should. Would anyone show up? I haven’t lived there in so long, would anyone remember me? I knew I should do it for my mama, but I wasn’t sure about the whole concept of a book signing in town.

I began to pray about it. I wasn’t sure of the answers, so I turned to God.

In Luke, we read the story of the Demon Possessed Man. Now I was rowdy in my days growing up, but not quite that bad, I hope! This man had been dealing with his demons for ‘many years.’ We can only think that everyone knew this guy had problems. When the healed man begged Jesus to allow him to follow, Jesus said no, “Return home and tell how much God has done for you.” So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for him,” Luke 8: 39.

Hugging a lifelong friend

I returned home. I returned not to get pats on the back or a ‘job well-done’ from friends and family. I returned to tell how much God had done for me.

My friends and family, former teachers and fellow workers were so warm and receptive, loving and kind. They said they were proud of me. I say I am amazed by God.

Only God can take a girl off a farm, a girl who almost failed high school English, a girl who had very little confidence in her abilities and create a piece of work like Making Room. A book that is transforming the relationship people have with Jesus.

I went home to the open arms of loving people praying they are as amazed by Jesus like me.

Are you amazed by Jesus? What has happened in your life where God has amazed you?