If you are a woman you are a mama. Many women feel if they haven’t given birth to a baby they are not a mama. This is so wrong. Mamas come in different forms and from different places.

Mama to three boys was my first mama job. Raising babies is a special job God has called us to do. It is full of ups and downs and around and around. It is as rewarding as it is frustrating.

Then, I was a foster mama. Fostering is not for everyone, I understand. For me, it was just what God needed for me to do in a season of life when my hubby was traveling and we didn’t have to move for the summer. “Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed,” (Psalm 82:3). I enjoyed being a foster mama helping those babies through the system until they could have their forever home.

My friend, Natalie, is an adoptive mama. Her story is amazing. She is an adoptive mama. She is their forever mama.

When I moved to a new city with no family, I felt I was alone on an island. That island became overwhelming. I ran to church for comfort. God knew what I needed. There I met an amazing woman, a mother of three boys. She was older than I and had lived many experiences before me. She became a safe, loving place to vent my fears, cry some tears and celebrate with cheers. She was my mentor mama. I couldn’t have survived without her. She is one of my mentoring mamas. Go find someone who can come alongside you to help you along or you help her along. I now am a mentor mama too. I love taking girls under God’s wings and help them find their way in his mercies.

No matter what type of mama you are, remember, you are a loving mama to someone in the unique and special way God has called you to be.

If you are a frustrated and disappointed mama in this moment know this to will pass. There are different seasons of mothering. Go to Jesus and lay out your worries. He will give you peace and comfort. Get going mama, you have a job to do for an almighty God!

What type of mama are you? Many mamas at one time? Are you a frustrated or disappointed mama? Can you seek Jesus to bring you through?

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