Insignificant to Immeasurable isn’t a final resting point but a daily meandering through life with highs and lows, peaks, and valleys, emotional success, and failure. Every day, my desire is to glorify God in all that I do, say and believe; however, I fail at times. I want to walk this daily walk with you, my friend, encouraging us in our relationship with Christ in life and love. My goal for this blog is to encourage you as a woman, wife and mother relying on faith as our foundation.

Read more About Me and Mine. I am a mom in an empty nest living a crazy life as a wife of a Major League Baseball coach. IInsignificant to Immeasurable have been married more than a quarter of a century and have mothered three boys throughout these crazy years of baseball travel and living in many different cities. I have made many mistakes over the years and have learned from them while clinging to my faith. I chose to embrace the joys and successes rather than focus on the problems and failures while seeking the life God has called me to.

As a response to what I know God has called me to do, I write. I write to you and with you. I have created this place for us to get together in an encouraging community and support one another. My goal is to post each Monday. I will have a theme for each month and the Monday posts will support the monthly theme. Please subscribe to the blog so you can join in on the discussion. This is a community to include you and your responses, questions, encouragement for each other, and prayer requests. Please include your responses in the comments section of each post. If your response is too personal for you to make public, please email me at and we will keep it between us.

I will be transparent and sometimes blunt with honesty about my failures, doubts, and unbeliefs, but know that I tell you these things to reveal the power of Christ in my life! This is a place of love, loving God first, loving others and loving us as sisters in Christ. I want you to join in the discussion. Let me know if I am on track or totally walking down the wrong fork in the road. This is not a place to hurt other people with an attack but a responsive arena for discussion and debate. Don’t attack the person, attack the issue. Get deep into discussion, emotion, feelings and debate. Be transparent. Ask questions. Add to the discussion. We will discuss our hurts, hang-ups, and hardships. We will share our struggles. And, we will discuss God’s saving grace and love as an answer to them. It will challenge us, but will be uplifting and encouraging. These stories and life experiences will be wrapped around scripture and encouragement.

I am so excited to begin this faith journey of moving from our feelings of insignificance into the truth of the immeasurably more God wants to do in and through us. Please say hello in the comments and let’s start this adventure together.