Earlier in the year, a couple of friends and I were discussing our lack of consistency in reading the Bible. We each had our reasons for lacking in our luster for reading but it all came to the issue of no one to hold us accountable.

So many days I wake up with great intention to read my Bible, then the phone rings, my hubby needs something or I turn on the television to ‘just’ watch the news. I get distracted and off track sitting down to write for the day.

During my time writing, I read the Bible to apply it in my blog or book. I don’t read it to really see what God is speaking to me, what I need to absorb. I knew this needed to change.

In early April, my two friends and I began our reading plan. We scheduled a reading three times a week. We would text one another what God was speaking to us individually. I am amazed that God speaks exactly the same thing to all of us then other times He tells us completely different things.

He loves us so much that He tailors what we receive just for us.

I have read the Bible in its entirety before, but each time I read it I see things new and fresh. This reading plan with my friends has opened up my heart and desire to read even more.

It has also given me a desire to share these readings with you all.

Will you join along?

I don’t want it to be another thing added to your to-do list. I want it to be an intriguing, exciting, and educational experience.

Beginning on Monday, October 1st, I will begin posting a reading on my Facebook Page. You can LIKE my page and follow along with us.

On Mondays, I will post a reading from the Old Testament. You can comment on the reading to share what God is speaking to you through the scripture and ask questions if you are not too sure.

On Wednesday there will be a reading from the New Testament posted and we will interact the same in the comments. Friday’s reading will be from Psalms or Proverbs.

On Fridays, I will also post a Prayer Request feed. This will be a place where we can share what we need prayer for in our lives.

You can also send me a message privately if you don’t want to share with everyone. If you don’t want to state the prayer in the group you can also write, Jesus knows. He does know! And we will all pray.

Reading God’s Word is vital not because it’s something we have to do— another item to add to our checklist—but because it is our best resource to get to know Him better.

Our strength in avoiding temptation is directly linked to reading the Word. There are numerous Bible-reading plans.

You can read the Bible in six months, one year, or two years. You can read the Bible book by book, chronologically, or starting with the Gospels.

But the best way to read the Bible is to OPEN IT! Get in the habit of opening your Bible.

Plans are great if you don’t feel guilty or like a failure when you don’t follow the plan completely. Join me in reading three days a week.

This is a failure-free zone. However, we can find success when we are digging into God’s Word.

Perfection isn’t key here. Just start somewhere.

See you on Monday!

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