“My treasures are not in that house.”

This was my response to everyone that contacted me wanting to know what I was going to do about the hurricane heading for my home in Naples. I am over 1200 miles away, and there is not much I can do.

In the past, I would go into a panic and try to get back to the house to pack up what I could. But this time an overwhelming peace came over me. I knew God was with me, no matter the outcome. He would carry us through even if we had no house to go home to after the baseball season.

We know as Christians that we are to store our treasures in heaven. We build up those treasures when we live a life that glorifies God in all that we are, say and do. When we use the gifts, God gives us to reflect his light. When we serve others as if we are serving the Lord.

This week I have seen and heard of people showing that their treasures were not in their homes either. When the eye of the hurricane passed over, neighbors checked on neighbors. Friends rescued friends giving them a safer place to wait out the storm. After the storm, even more, was done. Food and water were shared. Groups of people showed up to stranger’s homes to help clean up the fallen trees. Semi-trucks came from great distances filled with items from diapers to bleach, food and water, and tarps and ropes. Churches lined up the items and sent out Facebook messages, emails and texts to get the word out that supplies were available.

Throughout it all…

Hugs were given.

Tears were wiped.

People prayed for one another.

Smiles and laughs littered the area as the limbs were being piled.

Treasures were piled high. Not because we are looking for a reward but because people were sharing the love of Christ. Sharing what he has shared with us.




Love because he loved us first. When we have received the love, God has freely given us it is easy for that love to overflow to others. Counting our blessings during the most difficult times brings an awareness of the deep love Jesus has for us. With that knowledge love abounds. Love abounds and overflows.

Compassion is a combination of empathy, kindness, and grace. Serving others is an act of compassion. Living out the love God gives us being concerned for one another.

Hope for the future is apparent in the words I’ve heard from people who still don’t have electricity. The expectation for things to get better, little by little. The desire to make things better by looking at the blessings, not the pain. The anticipation of what is to come!

Our treasures are not in our houses, my friend. Not in our stuff. Our treasures live in our hearts, in the safety of our families and friends, in serving one another.

Take time today to think about where you have your treasures.

Are your treasures in your house? Your stuff? Your materials?

Or are they where God intends them to be?