Sitting in the middle of a dark apartment the overwhelming feeling of defeat flooded over me. I had thirty or more people coming for dinner and I had no electricity to finish cooking the meal. In the Dominican Republic at times, the electrical power would fail and leave you paused in the moment. You didn’t always know how long the electricity would be out and in that moment I felt like my life was out of control. I had no ability to do anything to correct the problem and no other source of electrical power to the

Ephesians 3:16 apartment. There were many times during our winter ball career that this had happened but not one where thirty Dominicans and Americans would be descending on my table that was supposed to be filled with an authentic American Thanksgiving meal. Usually, when the power went out the kids and I would improvise. It was peaceful actually to have no power, just sit in the dark and tell stories or just be. This was not a moment I wanted to do either. I needed power and I needed it NOW! My panic increased as the time ticked on without electricity.

There are times in my life where circumstances overwhelm my thoughts and emotions. I worry and ponder how I can fix things, how I can do something to change what is going on. A trade, a release, getting fired, a decrease in pay, a trip to winter ball when it wasn’t expected, an injury, an illness, the death of a friend or family member. We all have something that comes up all most daily that can rob us of the knowledge of the fullness of God; how wide, and high and long and deep is His love. We lose the understanding of the fullness of God in our lives.

In His love we can go to Him for His power to fill us, filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. Our response of thankfulness acknowledges that He is our Lord and provider of the power of love. In this response of thankfulness, we acknowledge His power that is at work in us. Giving Him our anxieties, thanking Him for His power and receiving the fullness of His love. Our power supply is from God, this will get us through any circumstance that may arise in each and every moment, each and every day, each

1Peter 5:7and every season.

The power in our apartment was restored and the dinner was cooked. The Americans began the meal with a prayer and ended it stuffed. Our lovely Dominican friends showed up in time for second rounds of filled plates and desserts galore. I am thankful for the times I sat in God’s presence and love. I am thankful for the love of the people that we have spent our time with in this crazy life of baseball. My memory of that night is more about the time spent with these friends, the memories that were made living in the fullness of God.

Lord God I thank you that through your glorious riches you strengthen us with your power. I thank you, Lord, that I may approach you with freedom and confidence receiving your strength to serve you and glorify you. Living in the immeasurably more that is at work in us.