Welcome to your Your Greatest Relationship Strength Assessment!

Not every relationship deserves giving the same depth of time and energy.

Your Greatest Relationship Strength Assessment identifies if you're more passionate, purposeful, or proactive so that you can learn to avoid burnout, build boundaries, and love as Christ has called you to love…without losing yourself in the process.

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Let's Go!

I'm at a party where I know everyone. If I notice someone standing alone I quickly invite them over to be included.

I felt moved to ask a friend to get together for coffee so I could provide a listening ear when I heard she was going through intense family struggles.

I may have an extremely busy schedule, but when I find out a friend is overwhelmed and needs help with practical things around their house, I enjoy taking the time to help them.

I heard you have a need for a volunteer. Sign up me!

It is important to me that everyone feels they are worthy of love.

I am the one trying to be the peacemaker instead of running from a conflict that arises in a group of friends. Can’t we all get along?

If I tell you that I will do something, I am known for following through and doing what I told you I would do.

If I meet someone who is new in town, I get excited to invite them to join in at my Tuesday morning Bible Study.

If I find out that a group is full of drama, I am not joining it. I don’t like division.

My friend just successfully launched a huge project, and I cannot wait to plan a party to celebrate her success!

If I know you are struggling, I have a deep sense of empathy and want to find ways to reach out and help you.

If I am hosting a gathering, I love to invite the new friend I met in the grocery store line who is lonely and looking for community.

If you confide a secret in me, I will keep it.

I gathered a group of friends and organized a community-wide fundraiser after hearing that a local family needed financial help for their child’s medical bills.

I believe it is crucial not to judge someone prematurely without understanding their situation.