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When I notice a new face at a social gathering, I quickly introduce myself to them.

If a friend is having a hard time, I listen to let them vent without having all the answers.

I have an extremely busy schedule, but when I find out a friend is overwhelmed and needs help, I clear some time to help them.

"I heard you need volunteers. Sign up me!"

I make eye contact with people when they are talking.

"Can’t we all get along?" I try to diffuse conflict when it arises in a group.

If I tell you that I will do something, I do it and more.

I get excited to invite new people to join in a girls night out.

I am not joining a group that is full of drama.

My friend just successfully launched a huge project, and I cannot wait to plan a party to celebrate her success!

If I know you are struggling, I have a deep sense of empathy and want to find ways to reach out and help you.

I donate money to fundraisers for good causes.

If you confide a secret in me, I will keep it, even from my one go-to trusted friend.

I never leave a gathering without meeting at least one new person.

I give the benefit of the doubt to a person I know when they do something that goes wrong.