Why am I so spiritually depleted even though I ‘wrote the book’?

I wrote a book about making room for Jesus in our lives. The subtitle has drawn many people to the pages hoping to do less so God can do more. Yet, during the book launch and all the tasks that came with that, I realized my spirit was sad. Not in a depressed sad state but in a lonely I was missing something state. I was missing time with Jesus. I pick up my Bible each day and read. My goal for reading is usually for teaching, speaking and writing. When I recognized the stagnation of my own spiritual life I turned to my book. I wanted to feel as connected as I did when I was on that spiritual journey answering the question of, what is God doing in and through you? For a few days, I dug even deeper into the book to see what I was missing. Chapter by chapter the words rang true.

My heart is a problem when it comes to connecting in a deeper way with Jesus.

Distractions clog up my spirit where the Holy Spirit should be roaming.

Spiritual rinsing is necessary!

Being aware of God’s presence, understanding His Will and listening for guidance are imperative.

The one thing my heart knows but my mind tends to forget is the importance of digging into God’s Word, not just my own. Reading the Bible is something I do daily but I forget about digging into it for ME! Reading the words as they apply to me, not to teach or speak or write. God’s Word is written for me. It is written for you. It is written to teach, guide and give hope. To understand God better. To understand a better you. The words will refresh and awaken your spirit, your connection with Jesus.

Reading God’s Word is vital not because it’s something we have to do, another item to add to our checklist, but because it is our best resource to get to know Him better. Our strength in avoiding temptation is directly linked to reading the Word.

There are numerous Bible-reading plans. You can read the Bible in six months, one year, or two years. You can read book by book, chronologically, or by starting with the Gospels.

But the best way to read the Bible is to open it!

Get in the habit of opening your Bible every day. Plans are great if you don’t feel guilty or like a failure when you don’t follow the plan completely.

Perfection isn’t key here.

Just start somewhere.

I started. I opened my Bible and began a new reading plan. The plan was to connect to Jesus with new and fresh eyes. I read in the afternoon because that is what works for me. I read for about 30 minutes in different books of the Bible. I use a study Bible to help me understand the Word in a deeper way.

The eyes of my heart soaking in every word.

Learning about Him.

Embracing all that He has for me.

A reawakened faith.

With journal and pen in hand, I first write what God has said to me through His Word. Then I write what question I have about what I read. Then I write a takeaway from the passages I have read.

My faith is no longer depleted, no longer stagnant, no longer complacent just doing good things for God. Now I am doing the best God things as I allow Him to lead and guide me.

What is keeping you from learning more? What is your plan to read God’s Word? Does it feel like one more thing on your to-do list? Or do you see it as a privilege? What questions do you have? What are your takeaways?