The email didn’t shock me as much as excite me. I had asked the question many years before. Salvation, why do I need it and where do I get it?

My story the way I remember it…

“I don’t need saving,” was my go-to response when church people asked if I was saved. The many times I was asked, the inquirers never gave me a chance to ask, why do I need it and where do I get it? They proceeded with all the ‘assumed sin’ they saw in my life. I can tell you that was NOT the way to guide a person to Jesus.

I pondered for years what the answer to my questions was but never found someone I trusted to answer them. Many people wanted to point out my sin. I was burdened enough with my struggles. I didn’t need them digging a hole in my soul. I have sufficient fault on my own.

For decades I pondered the questions of salvation, why do I need it and where do I get it? The definition that most pointedly explains salvation is preservation or deliverance from harm, ruin, or loss.

Salvation comes when we give our control over to God. Allowing Him into our lives to guide and lead us, accepting Jesus as our Savior, giving up our control over our lives turning it over to Him.

When we allow Jesus into our lives there yes we are saved. We are saved from eternal death, and that is great, but I struggled with what that did for me now. Those struggles kept me from committing my life to Christ.

Judge me if you wish, but this is transparency, my friend. Try it. It feels good!

“Why Do I Need Salvation?”

I didn’t understand my need for salvation. I knew it meant I wouldn’t burn in hell, but I felt like my life on earth was hell. How could it get any worse? If I accepted Jesus then how would my life be any different? Other than making a punch list of sins in my life. I could have asked some of the Christians that felt so free to point them out.

When a Christian woman finally took the time to question me about my beliefs and allow me to ask some burning questions, I was intrigued by the information she shared.

She began by asking me if I believed in Jesus. I did. Many years of church and Sunday school had taught me a lot about Jesus. I loved the stories about his life.

The next question, did I believe that ALL were in need of a Savior because all had sinned?

“as it is written: “None is righteous, no, not one; no one understands; no one seeks for God. All have turned aside; together they have become worthless; no one does good, not even one.” Romans 3:10-12

“Not even one.” stopped me in my tracks. All have not sinned, not like me! I knew that others sinned but the way I heard before I believed I was the sinner above all sinners. Not good enough for Jesus. Not able to be helped.

Not handing over the reins of the runaway horse I was riding. Not letting anyone else be in control. But all? So I’m not that bad? Doesn’t God hate me?

Then she said, “The price of sin is death, and Jesus paid that price for you. He came to give life and for you to live it to the fullest.” John 10:10

Life? All I had heard before was about burning in hell. Jesus wanted me to have a life? And to the fullest? I wanted this Savior. Life! I wanted a life!

“When you begin a relationship with Christ, nothing can separate you from His love. You are His child, dearly loved and desired. You are His beloved.” Oh, those sweet words. His beloved.

“Where do I get it?”

My exuberant last question was met with love and guidance from a woman who knew Jesus intimately. She guided me into a relationship with Jesus.

Do you know that you need salvation not only for eternity but to live a full life here on earth?

Do you know where to get it? Right here. Right now.

How? Bow your head and talk to Jesus.
o Admit you have sinned. Little and big. He already knows he wants you to confess it to Him.
o Thank Him for the eternal life you will live with Him as your Savior.
o Ask Him to guide you in the immeasurably more He desires to do in and through you in life.
o Ask Him to lead you away from your sins and into a new life with Him.
o Begin your New Year with the free gift Jesus has given you…salvation!

If doubt begins to creep in, stop it where it starts. Begin to read God’s Word to counter the doubtful thoughts.

It’s a New Year. Many of us are making resolutions, giving up things, adding better healthier habits, choosing to change. Salvation is an excellent place to start! I want to help guide you as my friend guided me all those years ago.

There was a party in heaven when my friend accepted Christ as their Savior.

Did you walk through these steps to a believing faith in Christ? Let me know! Or let someone else know.

And enjoy the thought of that party in heaven when you accepted Christ as your Savior, He is.